16 December, 2009


A new NCR article, "Why Catholics Aren't Speaking Up in Uganda about Anti-Gay Bill," by John Allen provides and interesting take on the role of Ugandan Catholics in relation to the anti-homosexual bill before the legislator there.

He shows that the Vatican indirectly criticized the bill, especially the death penalty sanction. He also mentions that at least some U.S. bishops, too, want to oppose the bill, at least in part.

Then why doesn't the hierarchy speak directly, clearly and unambiguously against the bill? Allen says that all "outsiders" from the North (highly industrialized nations and religious groups, NGOs, etc.) who speak against the bill will be accused of  "colonialism" and only lead to increased local support for the bill in Uganda.

In fact, Allen quotes a leading Catholic lawyer in Uganda who agrees with his interpretation, but to my way of thinking, this leader, himself, understands homosexuality as an aberration. 

I suspect there is much truth to Allen's analysis, but the Ugandan hierarchy must gain courage, and influence the 40% of Ugandans and the government to eliminate as much of this unjust law as possible, if not the entire bill..

I recommend that you read it, and comment if you wish.

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